What to Wear

One of the most common questions people ask me and themselves before a photo shoot is “what should I wear?” It’s an excellent question because what you wear does have a significant bearing on the photos. Here are some tips that should help you as you pick out your outfit.

  • Pick clothes that will accent your face. Avoid bold, busy patterns/designs (including stripes or plaid) or writing on clothing. While these can look great on you, in photographs they tend to distract from gorgeous eyes and beautiful smiles. It is best to keep your clothing simple.
  • Along with the above, choose timeless, classic clothes.
  • Wear clothes that you (and your children) are comfortable in. Being in uncomfortable shoes or clothing may cause you (and your children) to not be as free to enjoy the photo shoot as you might have hoped.
  • Think about modesty. You might be in a variety of poses which could render some indecency if clothes are not carefully chosen.
  • Choose clothing that reflects you as a person/couple/family that accents your personality. (Sometimes this means going against the first guideline.)
  • Don’t forget the shoes! Sometimes I like to take shots of feet/legs. So keep this in mind when choosing shoes.

If there is more than one person in the photo, consider these ideas:

  • Coordinate colors — You don’t all have to have the exact same color on, but try to stay in the same color scheme. For example, all bold colors, all pastel or soft colors, etc.
  • Watch that no one person is wearing patterns, stripes or plaid while everyone else is in simple clothing. That person’s clothes may draw the attention away from the others in the group.

Despite all that I have said, there is still opportunity for “breaking the rules.”  I have seen some simple patterns work well, as well and bold, fun clothing.  If that type of clothing fits you as a person/family, go for it!  At the end of the day, it is your photograph and I want you to like what you are wearing.