What to Expect

As I help you and your family create photographs you will treasure for years to come, it is helpful that you are aware of what to expect on the day of the photo shoot. Like I said previously, because I have had some unpleasant memories of professionally having my portrait taken, I desire to help you have a positive experience. One thing I personally have never cared for is having stiff, extremely posed (or awkwardly posed) shots taken of me. That’s why I strive to create a different type of photograph.

While I may occasionally ask you to pose in a certain way, or move this way or that, I prefer to let you and your loved ones act naturally as a couple/family, and look for my moment to take your picture in the midst of your interactions.  To me portraits can be so much more than the traditional, posed shot.  They can be works of art expressing your love  to those closest to you. Most likely the artful images will come as a combination of slightly posed, along with free and natural.

As I photograph children, I am especially open to letting them explore the world around them. I strive for creating a balance of allowing them to have freedom to be themselves (thereby looking natural) and still giving them boundaries (so we can still get the photographs we want). I appreciate when parents work with me to create this balance during the session.

I will admit, it might take you a little while to feel comfortable with this different style of photography, but by the end of the session I hope that you will feel relaxed and at ease.  Part of my desire is that you and your fiancé/spouse/child/etc. will walk away from our time together with pleasant memories — or dare I say even having enjoyed the time together!