What If….

What if my child doesn’t cooperate or cries?

Not to worry! I have had plenty of experience with children running away from the camera, as well as working with crying babies and children. I have a philosophy to let children be children as much as possible so I am more than willing to photograph them as they explore the world around them. This lends me the opportunity to capture them as they really are, which is my preference.

As for upset or crying children, occasionally it still makes for a cute photograph. I also use those opportunities to photograph other parts of the child (i.e. feet, hands, chubby legs, etc).

But, I am also aware that babies and children (and parents!) sometimes need a rest from the camera. I understand that at times a baby needs to feed, or toddlers need to snack or to run off some energy. So by all means, if you think your child needs a break, please let me know.

What if I have a certain pose or idea in mind?

Please share them with me! I am open to hearing your thoughts on how you want your photographs to look.  I would ask, though, that you also trust me and allow me to direct the session.

What if I want to bring some props?

Please bring them! If there is something you specifically want photographed along with your family or child I am willing to take some photographs with that item.  It can also be helpful for a child to have a favorite stuffed animal or toy present to calm them if they are upset.

What if I need to cancel my appointment?

I understand that at times sickness or other unavoidable circumstances present themselves and you will need to cancel. Please just let me know as soon as you are able so we can work together to reschedule for a more suitable time.

What if I don’t like my photographs?

While I hope that this scenario doesn’t present itself, I know it may happen from time to time. If you are truly unsatisfied with your photographs, please let me know. I will do my best to work with you until we have a final product we are both pleased with.  To help prevent this from happening, please visit What to Expect and What to Wear.  It may also be a good idea to view other sessions on this blog, or my website, to get an idea of the type of work that I typically do.