About Me

Here’s just a little about me – the one behind the lens. My whole life I’ve been drawn to photographs. I’m amazed at their power to evoke memories, feelings, and inspire awe. I’ve also always loved vibrant colors and stark contrasts. Interestingly, when I was younger my parents actually used to joke that “color was my life.”  So I suppose it isn’t too much of a surprise that I would develop an interest in photography.

Other than delighting in photography, I have a passion to live for God, who is the most important person and relationship in my life.  I also enjoy working with people and the challenge of photographing their lives in a way that will capture them as they are.  It’s my hope that as I grow as a photographer I will be able to combine my love for God, my love for people, and my love for photography into beautiful images that families can cherish for generations to come.

I am dedicated to capturing images using natural light, rather than studio lighting.  And, as often as is possible, I desire to photograph clients outdoors. I believe that there is something so freeing about being outside that helps relax individuals as they are being photographed, which ultimately produces quality images. But even when the weather isn’t at its finest, natural light can still bring beauty to indoor photographs as well.

If you are interested in making lasting memories for you and your family, please contact me at rachel[at]rachelowensphotography[dot]com or become a fan of Rachel Owens Photography on Facebook.