Winding Path

Around birthdays and anniversaries I like to reflect on life. My life specifically. Since this weekend was my birthday I was taking a little time out to take stock of where I’m at in life and where I want to be.

Even before this weekend I was thinking about posting this photo on here. It’s another I took while in Cades Cove. It was a shot I only had a split second to take through the front windshield. Most of the time on the loop, especially in this part of the road, we were following a line of cars. Somehow we weren’t at this moment and I saw the beauty of this winding road.

I guess because this image was fresh in my mind it made me think about the similarities with my current life. I’m on this road called life. I can see this small portion of “road” in front of me and that’s it. I keep trying to strain and figure out what is next – what twist, what turn, or maybe I’m just hoping for a straight part! In the midst of all my struggling to see the next part ahead, God keeps reminding me I just need to enjoy the part of life I’m in, take in the beauty of the part of the road I’m on and trust Him with the unseen parts beyond the portion of the road I can see.

winding path