Snellville, GA Photographer Published!!!

What a privilege to have had some work published in Photographing Children!

Photographing Children (Second Edition) by Ginny Felch is a fabulous book about, well, photographing children! This second edition is just as wonderful as the first.

I am beyond honored that my photos are found next to the likes of Ginny Felch (whom, through her first book and Facebook page, has been like a photography mentor), as well as fellow FB friend, Mary Schannen (go ahead, click the link….you’ll fall in love with her work too!), as well as countless other photographers I don’t “know.”

And one more of my cousin and his son taken in some castle-like place in Germany. Way back in the spring of 2009. When I was still a real newbie.

I just “saw the light,” something Ginny urges her readers to do, and snapped a few shots as my cousin and his son took an un-directed break from playing. It will forever be one of my favorites!

I feel this post would be amiss without a few thank you’s. It may sound cheesy, but no doubt very sincere – I thank God, for giving me talent and opportunity; to my dear husband, Mark, for encouraging me and allowing me to pursue photography; to Ginny, for always pushing me to be better, teaching me, and believing in my work; to Wiley Publishing, for going the extra mile to put out an even better 2nd edition; and to you, my readers and clients, for allowing me to be a part of your lives in a way few get to. It’s all an incredible reminder of why I fell in love with photography in the first place — the people and the moments.

Now go get your own copy off of Amazon — because if you want to be a better photographer, this book is the one to read!!