Under This Unbroken Sky

I have been reading a new fiction book recently called Under This Unbroken Sky. I’ll be honest. I was at the library, looking for another book and randomly ran across this one. And I liked the cover. So I picked it up to analyze how the photo was created. And then I read the story line and thought it sounded decent. The jury is still out on how great it is. Not fabulous, not awful and somewhat depressing, but I keep reading!

Anyways, when I saw the sky getting ready to turn lovely shades of summer sunset colors I grabbed my camera and headed to our front porch. I am a sucker for sunsets. Just ask my husband. Poor guy has realized that one sunset shot will not do. We must watch it change from bright and light colors, to deep and brilliant. As I stood in awe watching the sky transform, I thought of the book title and how I felt like I was under an unbroken sky. Except my view was cut in half by power lines and large trees. It would have been even more amazing to see it truly under an unbroken sky. I was especially fascinated by how the clouds looked like billowing smoke!

May you too take a moment to gaze in wonder at God’s magnificent creation!

rachel owens photography