Cicadas – A Bug’s Life

Here in Middle Tennessee it is the year of the cicada. The 13 year cicada specifically. I’m told there are 17 year cicadas as well.

hermitage tn photographer

I remember well the first encounter this spring with these lovely bugs – the Saturday before Mother’s Day. My extended family was here from out-of-town and we were taking a walk in our subdivision and happened upon a tree teeming with these critters. Since then I’ve seen thousands more. In the past month I’ve learned that taking a walk requires careful precision of step. The cicadas have littered the sidewalks and roads that I typically walk on. They have swarmed the trees I walk past. And just when you think you are stepping over a dead cicada, it will give a weird buzz and fluttering of wings and give you a near heart attack that the thing is still living. (One particular neighbor watching this happen this week must have chuckled to himself when he saw it transpire!) It’s really hard to explain how they have invaded our lives these 4+ weeks and I can already see they are less loud and less visible. Yet, there are still a few to be found.

As well as signs of their beginnings still lurking.

In a weird sort of way, I might just miss these guys. I am not a bug kind of girl. I don’t care for their haphazardly fly and bump into me!

But I am absolutely fascinated by their see through wings, their exoskeletons, the noise they make, and the fact that they only come out every 13 years. It is truly amazing. They have to have an amazing Designer.

(The birds will miss them too. I kept seeing lots of wings without bodies and couldn’t figure out why. Then I saw a robin eating the body. Now I know and you do too. You are welcome 🙂 )