Why Today is the Day – Snellville, GA Photographer

I like to read other photographer’s blogs. Well, I really like to look at the photographs to be inspired. But every now and then I run across a post with great written inspiration too. This week I read one of those posts.

I’d encourage you to read it too! Just go here.

My Grandparents on their wedding day

It’s a good reminder to savor the moments and days with our loved ones (both as life happens and through photographs) because we don’t always know what tomorrow may bring. And generations to come will thank you.

My Grandma with her sister-in-law

Just a few weekends ago for Mother’s Day my extended family was at our house and we pulled out the box of old photos. And then stories were told and listened to about our family. It made me appreciate where I’ve come from.

My Grandpa holding my Dad

So don’t wait any longer! Get out the camera. Book a session. And start recording life!

Today is THE day!