The R Family

This large family was all together for the weekend. Part of the celebration was due to little Miss A turning 3. I am pretty sure I could have photographed her all day long! She had a winning smile that she very willingly used. As for her baby brother, we took some of him indoors on another day. He was also very generous with his smiles during his mini-shoot. There were lots of great shots from this session, but here are just a few of my favorites.

See what I mean?!

I am in love with this full-body laugh his dad got out of him!

I know this shot isn’t your traditional photo, but you probably know by now I usually prefer non-traditional shots anyways!
I just love the tenderness that this sister gave on her own to comfort her new baby brother as their mom was coming to the rescue.

And speaking of non-traditional, how about a group leaf shot?