Up Close and Personal….With a Butterfly!

I have always been a fan of macro photography. There is something so luscious about seeing the details that make up our world. So imagine my excitement when I recently discovered a way to turn one of my current lenses into a make-shift macro lens. Granted, the focus isn’t as crisp as I would like it, but it’s close enough for me to play around with this new type of photography. Today I was annoyed that the dog was asking me to go outside to play when he should have been using the, well, the grass. But then, my sweet dog discovered with his little nose….

….this beautiful (dead) butterfly!

So I did what any self-respecting macro photographer would do. I brought it in the house (with a glove, of course) and started taking photos. Pure bliss 🙂

And in  case you were wondering, yes, I forgave the dog. Who couldn’t looking at this face?