Two Men and a Little Lady

Two days before the wedding I met up with a dear friend, Becky,  that I met while living in Aberdeen. Her husband, Trey, and my husband worked on similar degrees while we were there so it was great fun to talk about life there and what we learned from the entire experience of living in another culture. While I was there for dinner she had also asked if I’d take some portraits of her three children: Addison (5), Davis (3) and Evie (1). I, of course, was delighted to. It was the first time I met little Evie and she quickly flashed her adorable smile my way. Her oldest brother was a bit more reluctant, but I eventually coaxed him out of his shell enough to see his gorgeous baby blues. As you will see in the first photo, Davis is a handsome little charmer.  The cute seersucker suits are courtesy of Etsy and were for their Aunt Sarah’s (aforementioned) wedding. Thanks again, Becky and Trey! I thoroughly enjoyed my time with you and your family. Just wish you were closer so we could do it again.

No, I didn’t ask Addison to squeeze his brother’s cheek, but I love the simple interaction between them!

Despite them not all wanting to look at the camera at the same time they have some great expressions!

In the midst of the shoot we had a time out for some family baseball (which I’m told is a favorite). Trey asked Davis something to the effect of “what did Babe Ruth do before hitting?” This photo was the reply. Awesome!