Sunset Over Dunnottar

Every photographer drools over good lighting. This photographer is in love with sweet, beautiful, natural light. There is no substitution for amazing lighting. Add in dramatic scenery to that glorious light and you’ve got yourself a fine photo. Ever since last September on my birthday (well, before that really) I’ve been wanting to photograph Dunnottar Castle at sunset, with the sky being painted behind it. I was first inspired by our friend, Ian Cowe, who took this glorious shot of Dunnottar last summer. (Ian has tons of other amazing work, including a large collection of lighthouses in Scotland – it’s well worth the click to be inspired yourself.) So back to last September. By the time Mark and I arrived to Dunnottar, the sun had dipped behind the clouds, leaving me disappointed with a less than stellar sunset. However, I managed to enjoy photographing the bales of hay and walked away with some artwork I am still rather chuffed with. Since our time in Scotland will be ending in a few short months, and this is on my “bucket list” of things to do before leaving Scotland, I thought I better try again sooner rather than later. Yesterday was a sunny day that had the warmth of spring in it. I thought we better seize the opportunity. So Mark obliged acting both as my chauffeur and bodyguard (how did I get so lucky?!). I started to despair on the 30 minute commute south as the clouds threatened to once again inhibit the sunset I was looking for, but by an act of God’s goodness, the clouds stayed parted and we enjoyed the breath-taking views you see below. All told we were there for about an hour. At times walking, at times sitting in the clumps of grass (shielding ourselves from the still 30 mile an hour winds!) — at all times reveling in the scene before us, trying to tuck those moments away in our memory when don’t have such a wonder to behold just down the road. So take a few quiet moments to enjoy the beauty God has created.