Josh + Emily + Rebecca + Luke

I’m not quite sure how I’m just now getting around to posting this family’s photos on here (sorry guys!) since they were actually the first ones I took in the fall (even before the family photo day), but I guess these things happen. The first day we took photos dawned grey and rainy. Rather challenging for outdoor portraits, but they were troopers and we tried for a little while! We eventually headed indoors to the Old Town House on The University of Aberdeen’s campus, where some stairs helped provide the backdrop for the majority of the photos. Because we were unable to get a decent family portrait due to the rain and constraints of the indoors, we rescheduled for another day, which was gloriously bright! I love the last shot of Josh and Rebecca. Once again, the shoot was technically over, but then I saw a sweet moment between a daddy and his daughter and had to capture it! Love you guys, thanks for letting me be your family photographer, time and time again!