Travel Photos

I love travelling, whether it be to a new place or a place I’ve been before.  A recent visit from my parents across the pond afforded us the opportunity to travel around Scotland (thus due to much of the quietness on here). Here are some of my favorite photos from the trip.

Despite having lived in the UK for nearly two years I had not yet succumbed to taking the classic red phone booth shot. Now I can check another thing off of my “to do while living in Scotland” list.


We had an opportunity to explore Edinburgh Castle.
I was aiming straight down the barrel of an old canon
with the also famous Scott Monument in the background.


I call this, “Bee’s Butt.” If only he had been facing forward.


On Flickr I have seen numerous amazing, reflecting loch photos and have always wanted to take my own. I was thrilled that one evening my family agreed to go with me to this loch near Aviemore. I was even more thrilled that the wind was so still (a rare occurrence here), and that the light was shining so beautifully on the old castle and Cairngorm mountains.

And what would a Scottish summer be without a photograph of their national flower/symbol, the thistle.
(Though, this is before the thistle has bloomed.)